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Here at Pampered Car, we’re committed to bringing you the absolute best value that you can find in a mobile detailer. We offer a full range of detailing services, from simple vacuuming to show car preparation. Below you’ll find a full list of our most popular services. However, every job is made-to-order, so if you don’t see what you need, simply give us a call and we will be able to help.

Interior Cleaning

Our base interior cleaning comes with everything that you would expect from getting your car’s interior detailed. First, we vacuum up the entire car, down to the smallest crumb. Then, we quickly remove any dirt or grease from the door jambs. 

We follow this up with cleaning every hard plastic, leather, and rubber surface in the car with professional All-Purpose detailing cleaner. Any particularly hard stains we remove with a boars-hair brush.

Then, we make the mats as good as new again, as an added bonus for you.

Once we’re done, we hit the car with a final interior vacuum to make sure that we didn’t miss anything.

Interior Protectant

While our interior base cleaning can get the interior of your car looking like new, some of our customers want that extra little bit to keep it looking fresh for months to come.

This is where our interior protectant add-on comes in. We use professional 303 Aerospace Protectant, which will give the plastics in your car a beautiful deep shine, and will protect them from damaging UV rays for weeks to come. We highly recommend getting protectant in addition to the interior base.

Pet Hair Removal

We all love our pets. But sometimes, they can really wreck the interior of your vehicle. Hair can get stuck in places you’d never even think to look, and most vacuums cannot remove it. 

Don’t worry! Pampered Car is perfectly equipped to handle pet hair removal of any level. We use specialized brushes in concert with our professional vacuum and years of experience to remove every last hair from your carpets, seats, and sometimes even headliners!

Fabric Shampoo

If you have stains on your seats or carpets, you should definitely consider getting your car shampooed. This process will see us painstakingly go over every inch of your car with our Bissel Spot Cleaner and stain remover. We will extract every stain that we can find, usually making a vey marked improvement.

Leather Treatment

If you have a high-end car with beautiful leather seats, you may feel that simply using all-purpose cleaner on them is not enough. For this scenario, we offer a full-service leather treatment option.

First, we use leather cleaner after the all-purpose cleaner to make sure that every little imperfection is removed.

We then go over every leather surface 2-3 times with leather conditioner, giving it a beautiful soft feel. Getting the leather on your car conditioned is a fairly inexpensive way to really make a difference in the level of comfort.

Exterior Wash

Often we get asked what the difference is between our exterior wash and what you can get from a car wash. Truly, the difference is massive. Our exterior wash first involves a careful rinse of the entire car, including wheel wells and the grill. Our detailers carefully go over every inch to make a mental mark of what areas need special attention.

They then go over the vehicle panel-by-panel, using a specialized foam cannon to liberally cover the car is special soap. They use microfiber mitts to then hand-wash every inch of the vehicle, paying careful attention to any place that they noticed extra dirt or residue.

Once they are done with that stage, they will go back over the car with bug and tar remover and degreaser to remove any other spots that may still be stuck on. Once that is done, they will hand-dry the car to make sure that not a single water spot remains.

Clay Bar

If you’ve never heard of clay barring your car, you’re missing out. Clay Barring a car is exactly what it sounds like. We use a bar made of a special clay designed to remove every little imperfection from your paint. By hand, we go over every inch of the outside of your vehicle with this clay bar, giving it an unparalleled clean.


If you want your exterior to stay nice and fresh for as long as possible, we highly recommend getting it sealed. We use Optimum Opti-Seal, a professional Sealant known for exceptionally strong performance. It gives your car a beautiful shine, and also gives it water-repelling properties and protection from the elements.

Machine Wax

For truly discerning customers, there truly is nothing that you can get done for your car quite like a machine wax. In this process, we first meticulously clean the exterior of your car. We then use a dual-action polisher and pure carnauba wax to give your entire car a showroom-fresh shine. We go over every panel 2 to 3 times to make sure that everything is perfectly coated with the wax. After applying, we buff the wax out with premium microfiber towels.

Chrome Polish

Polishing the chrome on a vintage car can be one of the best things that you will ever do. It can remove pitting and bring back the luster to chrome that has become dull over the years. There really is nothing quite like a good chrome polish to bring your beautiful old car back to life.

Engine Bay Cleaning

If you have a show car, or are simply a discerning customer, you may want to get your engine bay cleaned. Our engine bay cleaning process varies wildly from car to car, with a few commonalities.

First, we will use high strength degreaser on any plastic or block components to remove any grease, oil or residue that has collected there over time. We are careful to do this one section at a time to make sure that everything is properly cleaned.

Then, we will polish any chrome that is in the engine, weather that is a full size carburetor or simply a cold-air intake.

Then, we will hand clean any spots that we can find that weren’t picked up by the degreaser to make sure that your engine bay is spotless. 

Finally, we will go over any plastics or rubber surfaces with protectant to make sure that it stays shining for months to come.

Our Work

We have had the pleasure to work on a wide variety of different vehicles, for a whole bunch of different reasons. Whether your kids have made a mess of your backseats, you can’t seem to get the dog hair out of your carpets, or you simply want to shine your car up, we’ve handled it before. No matter what your car needs, we can help.

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Currently, we serve Fairfield County, CT, as well as some of Westchester County, NY. In the future, we plan to expand our coverage to more of the NYC Metropolitan area, as well as New Jersey.

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Pampered Car is a small, local business formed around a simple idea. We looked at the offerings currently available in the area, and realized that no one was properly addressing the needs of the market. No one cared about their customers. They didn’t offer an enjoyable, standardized experience that their customers could trust. They didn’t put their customers at the forefront of their business. We decided to change that. Our business is one of convenience and customer experience. We save you the hassle of trying to coordinate rides back and forth to a garage. We help make your car a space that you enjoy being in, rather than one that causes stress or anxiety.

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